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The Triple Threat

Monday 12th August 2013

Eyes down look in, here come three new girls for your listening pleasure. TINA HOBLEY, JANET MONTGOMERY and ATHENE PARKER have all recently become Tongues.

Lets waste no time in telling you more about them. Tina you may recognise from her 12 years in BBC drama 'Holby City', prior to that she has starred in 'Coronation Street' and 'Harbour Lights'. She has a rich, smooth reassuring voice...possibly trained from years of telling fictional patients everything will be OK.

Janet is also an actress having starred in 'Black Swan', 'Entourage' and more recently 'Dancing on the Edge' with our own CAROLINE QUENTIN. Her voice has a great range, from cool and edgy to bright and bubbly in the blink of an eye. Janet's age range also goes as low as 20.

Athene has wonderfully smooth, husky almost treacle feel to her voice. Her highly commercial tones range from light and friendly to authoritative, confident and knowledgeable. 

All three are fantastic new additions to our casting list and we can't wait to work with them more in the future. You can listen to their showreels by clicking on Tina, Janet or Athene.

Janet Montgomery

Athene Parker

The Triple Threat
Tina Hobley
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