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Stephenson to the Stage

Tuesday 5th February 2013

NICOLA STEPHENSON will be on stage for the next 3 weeks in 'One for the Road' at the Royal & Derngate Theatre.

We were hoping this is a play which involves actors on a stage constantly promising they are just having one more for the road whilst slowly getting inebriated to the point of falling from said stage. It is not. It is much more sensible in fact, written by Willy Russell and directed by Laurie Sansom.

It actually focuses on a character called Dennis and his struggle to come to terms with his arrival in to middle class, middle aged life. His yearning for his youth comes to a head on his Birthday leading to surprising information about the recent vandalism of the neighbourhood.

You can read more and buy tickets for the show here.

NICOLA STEPHENSON has been a voice over artist at Another Tongue voice agency for 8 years.

Stephenson to the Stage
Nicola Stephenson
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