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She's a bit Morwish

Friday 1st March 2013

We just can't get enough of MORWENNA BANKS. Not only is she a fantastic actress but her voice is pretty darned good too. As if that wasn't enough she also turns her hand to writing, which she's pretty nifty at. We thought we would share our love of all things Morwenna by writing a bit of a special feature so eyes down look in, here we go.

This week Morwenna has been recording brand new six part comedy series 'Reception' for BBC Radio 4 alongside Adrian Scarborough and Amit Shah. The show is written by Paul Bassett Davies and also features fellow Tongue ROSIE CAVALIERO.

Those of you with good Morwenna knowledge will know that she started out in a comedy sketch group called 'Absolutely'. What you probably don't know is that they have been asked to reunite for BBC Radio 4 show 'Sketchorama', this will involve them performing live at the Oran Mor in Glasgow on Tuesday 16th April.

Sticking with the radio theme, in July Morwenna will be recording the second series of 'Gloomsbury', also for BBC Radio 4. Written by Sue Limb and produced by Little Brother Productions it also stars Alison Steadman, Miriam Margoyles, Nigel Planer and John Sessions. 'Gloosmbury' aired last November and parodies the arty and adulterous adventures of the Bloomsbury group.

We consider Morwenna to be the Queen of animation, her credits include 'Peppa Pig', 'Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom', 'Monkey Dust', 'Stressed Eric', 'Humf' and so on. The list actually goes on for as long as you would care to listen to us ramble about it. She has added to these incredible credits recently by recording for 'Dennis and Gnasher', which we're pretty sure it's physically impossible to not be entertained by, and this will air later this year.

This is where her writing skills come in to play, currently Morwenna is writing a one hour drama commissioned for BBC Radio 4 around the theme of Breast Cancer. She has also been writing feature film scripts, most recently for Damian Jones who produced 'Iron Lady'. Later this year filming will begin on 'Miss You Already' which she co-wrote with Paul Andrew Williams, director of 'London to Brighton' and recent TERENCE STAMP film 'Song for Marion'.

We mentioned in the beginning of this piece that Morwenna is an actress so let's finish with some acting news. She will be popping up in 'Svengali' later this year which stars Vicki McClure, Johnny Owen, Martin Freeman and Matt Berry. Originally a web series on You Tube 'Svengali' is a British comedy, directed by John Hardwick, which centres around a chap called Dixie. A regular guy from a small town in Wales, Dixie has dreams of moving to London to manage a rock and roll band, a story which also lends itself to a pretty amazing soundtrack. 'Svengali' is due for release later this year.

So now you're thinking, oh my god Morwenna is so busy she will never have time to record our script. Well how wrong you would be, Morwenna is ready and available for voice over work. So get on that blower and we'll ship her over to you, not via UPS or anything that would just be strange.

She's a bit Morwish
Morwenna Banks
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