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Wednesday 18th April 2012

SARAH ALEXANDER, star of 'Coupling', 'Smack the Pony', and 'Green Wing', has taken on the lead role in a new BBC1 sitcom called 'Me and Mrs Jones'.

The show is centered around SARAH's character Mrs Jones and follows her attempts to deal with her increasingly complex life. 

Produced by the BBC masterminds that brought you 'Sherlock', and co-starring Neil Morrissey and Robert Sheehan, we can only assume it will feature drug abusing detectives, mischievous superheroes and Bob the Builder....

...OK so we know that's a silly idea, but just imagine for a minute how that might you're intrigued aren't you!

Back to the issue at hand, that's SARAH ALEXANDER, lead in 'Me and Mrs Jones', BBC sitcom. To find out more information we've found you articles from Virgin Media and The Radio Times.

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