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Roger Allam is Uncle Vanya

Tuesday 21st February 2012

Well he is and he isn’t. Roger Allam is all set to play Uncle Vanya in a production called, strangely, ‘Uncle Vanya’. What a great name to say out loud, Vanya. Anyway, we digress, ‘Uncle Vanya’ will be at the Minerva Theatre from March 30th as part of the Chichester Festival.

The play follows Roger Allam’s Vanya and his niece as their lives are turned upside down by returning relatives to the point where Vanya himself is provoked into a shocking act of violence.

If you like what you’re hearing why not explore the Chichester festival website for more information and tickets.

Roger Allam has been voice over artist at Another Tongue voice agency for 5 years.

Roger Allam is Uncle Vanya
Uncle Vanya Poster
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