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Robbie's TV Rampage

Tuesday 29th January 2013

ROB JARVIS' rampage through the TV schedule continues. After 'Hustle' finished filming not too long ago, Rob has had more time to appear in other shows and he's not holding back.

He is following up last year's roles in 'Good Cop', 'Hunted' and 'Monroe' with appearances in at least three more shows this year.

Rob is currently starring in BBC 1 drama 'Moving On' which airs every day this week at 2.15pm. This programme also happens to be directed by another top notch Tongue, Robert Glenister.

'Death in Paradise' is now in the midst of series two and features not just Robbie but also Emma Pierson. Click here to watch her episode. You can watch 'Death in Paradise' on Tuesday nights at 9pm.

The final piece of Rob knowledge is news that he will be starring in 'Southcliffe' on Channel 4 later this year. Produced by the people who brought us 'Four Lions' and 'This is England', 'Southcliffe' is a new drama set in a fictional town which has been victim to a day of shootings. It explores the tragedy and grief that follow.

ROB JARVIS has been a voice over artist at Another Tongue voice agency for 13 years.

Robbie's TV Rampage
Rob Jarvis
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