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New Young Voices

Friday 19th April 2013

Great news from the land of Another Tongue, that's right we've got 2 new young voices for your consumption. Drink them in and enjoy;

The first of this fresh young talent is CARA THEOBOLD, star of ITV1's 'Downton Abbey'. She has 3 brand new reels which demonstrate her range, from RP through straight, all the way to broad Yorkshire. She can do the lot, her vocal age is 15 - 25.

CHRISTOPHER RAGLAND is a young American with an equally impressive range. Originally from the south, Christopher can switch from deep south Tennessee 'Jack Daniels' to transatlantic in the blink of an eye. He can also inject a deep, husky tone when needed. His vocal range is 20 - 35

So lets give the kids a chance and listen to their reels, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

New Young Voices
Cara Theobold & Christopher Ragland
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