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Kieran Stars in The Syndicate

Monday 6th July 2015

The talented Mr KIERAN O’BRIEN has been gracing our screens in series 3 of BBC1 drama ‘The Syndicate’ which follows the fortunes of the employees of run down Hazelwood Manor. Kieran plays Andy Stevenson alongside fellow Tongue CARA THEOBOLD. The last episode aired Tuesday 7th July. If you missed the last few episodes you can catch up here on the iPlayer.

Kieran has also recently starred in BBC3’s military based comedy ‘Bluestone 42’. Where he played moustache toting, bomb disposal expert ‘Nut Sack’. The critically acclaimed series followed a Bomb disposal detachment serving in Afghanistan.

Last year we were treated to three other series starring our charismatic chum, ‘The Assets’ was a Cold War drama from American broadcaster ABC. This show, based on books written by retired CIA officers, is now available on Netflix. Look out for Kieran playing the role of Randy together with top Tongue JULIEN OVENDEN.

‘Grantchester’, set in the beautiful county of 1950’s Oxfordshire, follows a Priest and his friend as they attempt to unravel various crimes. Kieran played the mysterious Arthur who is under scrutiny following the death of his bride-to-be’s mother. The episode promo can be watched here courtesy of ITV.

The third show Kieran appeared in last year was the incredible ‘Glue’ on E4. Based around the Romany Gypsy community, Kieran played Thomas Bray an imprisoned man seeking revenge for the death of his son. ‘Glue’ was brought to us by the co-writer of ‘This is England’.

Now let’s come all the way back to the present day and news that Kieran is about to finish filming series 2 of ITV police drama ‘Prey’ which also stars our own ROSIE CAVALIERO

So keep your eyes and ears open for Kieran and his assault on British television and we’ll leave you with these shots of his various roles.

The Syndicate

Bluestone 42

The Assets



Kieran Stars in The Syndicate
Kieran O'Brien
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