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Dawn Becomes a Tongue

Thursday 7th March 2013

It might not sound pleasant, in fact it sounds a little creepy when you say it like that but there's just no getting around the fact that DAWN O'PORTER is officially a Tongue.

Dawn is best known for her brilliant television documentaries which include 'My Breasts Could Kill Me' and 'Seriously Dirty Dancing'. She always manages to find the perfect balance between serious, thought provoking questions and having a good laugh.

A regular writer for magazines including Grazia, Stylist and Glamour, Dawn has recently finished work on a new book. 'Paper Aeroplanes' will be available to buy in May and tells the story of two teenage girls with polar personalities who become united by their loneliness.

Dawn has a fantastic natural, recognisable, bubbly and friendly tone so whaddya waiting for? Pop over to her profile page and let her voice woo you.

Dawn Becomes a Tongue
Dawn O'Porter
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