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A Mr Cameron You're Allowed to Like

Thursday 8th November 2012

We would like to introduce you to a Mr Cameron that you're allowed to like without being shunned by all of your peers. MARK CAMERON is a man with a lot going on at the moment.

Not only is he currently the voice of Sky Bet and a regular on Burger King commercials but he has just completed recordings for Tesco's Christmas campaign.

He's not just a pretty voice either, Mark is a theatre actor who, next spring, will become an associate artist at the Park Theatre. He is currently filming an episode of BBC1's 'Casualty' and to top all of this, Mark can be seen alongside Peter Kay as he declares his hidden lust for 'Claire from work'.

MARK CAMERON has been a voice over artist at Another Tongue voice agency for 2 years.

A Mr Cameron You're Allowed to Like
Remember, it's Mark not David
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