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Tom in 'Our Country's Good'

Tuesday 24th June 2014

TOM ANDREWS has been performing in the hit play ‘Our Country’s Good’. The real-life events which this play dramatizes on stage, conveys to its audiences the power of the arts and the humanising effect of the theatre. Following a group of broken and desolate convicts, we see how the process of putting on a play unites them together, giving them a purpose and a renewed sense of hope.

Making a reappearance on stage after five years, under the same director Max Stafford-Clark, the play has been met with a wave of great reviews from the likes of the Daily Telegraph and the Times, all of which reach the same conclusion as that of the Sunday Express: ‘this is one of the great plays of and about the theatre’.

Our lovely Tongue Tom Andrews is the integral character of this performance, playing the progressive governor who encourages the staging of the play so as to make steps towards creating a new nation not filled with degenerate convicts, but civilised men and women. He also plays the role of a hopelessly-romantic convict.

Make sure to have a look at the Out of Joint website for the trailer, discussions with the director and the excellent reviews of Tom’s performance!

Tom in 'Our Country's Good'
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