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Sarah Brings in the Viewers

Friday 7th March 2014

SARAH ALEXANDER aided the return of TV legend 'Jonathan Creek' last week with her performance as his wife Polly.

Series 5 kicked off to great expectation last Friday night and didn't fail to impress with no less than 6.3 million tuning in. That amounted to almost 30% of viewers at that time. Further to these numbers are the viewers using tablets and devices which pumps the full viewing figure to around 8 million, not bad after a decade's break.

Episode 1 contained references to Sherlock and this weeks will tip it's hat towards Sleepy Hollow thanks to some scaremongering from the Parish news.

If you missed Sarah's excellent performance last week you can still catch up on the iPlayer here. Then all you need to do is tune in to BBC1 tonight at 9pm for episode 2.

Sarah Brings in the Viewers
Sarah is he blonde one on the left...that's not Jonathan Creek.
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