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Caroline Quentin and Patricia Hodge in 'Relative Values'

Wednesday 18th June 2014

CAROLINE QUENTIN and PATRICIA HODGE have been recreating the world of 1950’s England in the revival of the wonderfully funny Noel Coward three-act play, ‘Relative Values’. This scathingly satirical comedy has been a complete success, having been moved to the West End after it was sold out at the Theatre Royal Bath.

In a world where the social classes are expected to keep to their own, Hodge and Quentin - who have been heralded by the likes of the Independent as being ‘two of our greatest comic actresses’ - make a hilarious farce of 1950’s England. In dramatizing the collision of two clashing cultures – the gaudy glamour of 1950’s Hollywood versus the stiff upper lip attitude of the English – Hodge plays the snobbish matriarch of the manor, Felicity, with Quentin as her personal assistant Moxie. Despite the characters’ ‘social inequality’ the pair make a truly hilarious team, especially after Moxie is thrust ‘upstairs’ due to an unlikely twist in the plot which rocks the boat of social acceptability … the Horror!!

In an attempt to uphold an antiquated society, Quentin and Hodge’s performances have earned them a storm of raving reviews, Quentin described as being purely hilarious (Daily Telegraph) and Hodge praised for her ‘masterclass in comic timing’ (Guardian). We at Another Tongue must agree, that as a team they do certainly ‘bring the house down’ (Sunday Mirror).

This is a must-see for all you comedy theatre fans, but there are only a few days left of the show so make sure to visit their website and get yourself some of the coveted tickets!

Caroline Quentin and Patricia Hodge in 'Relative Values'
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