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Tongues Dominate Lightfields

Wednesday 27th February 2013

The Tongues will be taking over ITV1 HD tonight at 9pm. No less than 4 of our artists will be starring in new supernatural drama 'Lightfields'.

SAM HAZELDINE, SOPHIE THOMPSON, KRIS MARSHALL and LUCY COHU all feature in this follow on from the massively successful 'Marshlands'. The show follows 3 families who have all lived in the same Lighfields farmhouse during 1944, 1977 and 2012. They are all linked by the spooky presence, obviously not doing it justice with spooky, of a teenage girl who died in a mysterious fire on the farm.

The trailer for this series absolutely sets it up as a fantastic, spine tingling series which we know we'll enjoy over the next 5 weeks.

Sophie Thompson          Kris Marshall

Lucy Cohu in 70's character

Tongues Dominate Lightfields
Sam is the adult male in the middle
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