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Ronni Ancona and Her Squad on CBBC

Monday 18th June 2012

RONNI ANCONA currently voices one of the lead characters on CBBC animation 'Pet Squad'. The lead character in question is Sheeba the Tabby Cat, just one of three pets that lead double lives as super heroes. They spend most of their time battling to keep Mother Goose at bay. She also voices the American news reporter who tries to keep up with goings on in their city.

This brilliant, funny and original BAFTA nominated animation is still going strong on CBBC. You can watch it every weekday at 3.40pm or catch the latest episode here on the iPlayer.

RONNI ANCONA has been a voice over artist at Another Tongue voice agency for 5 years.

Ronni Ancona and Her Squad on CBBC
There she is, on the right
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