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Rejoice, We Have A New Homepage

Thursday 1st March 2012

As the more perceptive out there would have noticed, Another Tongue has a new homepage. This means you no longer have to leave the comfort of to get your artist updates and blog news.

We still have our category shortcuts for those of you needing a voice over in a hurry. Simply point your eyes towards the centre of your screen and bang, there they are.

We have also added a new shortlist button to make it quicker to access your shortlists of voice artists and get them where they need to be.

Remember if you’re casting for Games or Animation voice overs we have dedicated websites to make your job simpler. These can be found on big white buttons at the bottom of the page. Give them a try we think you’ll like them.

Our aim is always to make our website as easy as possible to use so hopefully we’ve made your life in this crazy world that little bit better. Don’t worry you can thank us later (Or thank us now with chocolate).

Rejoice, We Have A New Homepage
Another Tongue
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