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Mark Strong and Sam Hazeldine gearing up for 'Grimsby'

Thursday 26th June 2014

The eyes of Hollywood have fixated on the lovely Tongues, MARK STRONG and SAM HAZELDINE, after it was recently revealed that the pair will be starring alongside Sacha Baron Coen in his upcoming film, ‘Grimsby'. Production for the film will be commencing this very summer and thus far it has been unveiled that ‘Grimsby’ will be an action packed spy-comedy. Mark Strong, known best for his villainous persona on screen, will be doing a complete 180, starring instead as a James Bond-esque British ops agent, yoked together with his football-hooligan brother (Sacha). We are still eagerly waiting to hear what part our lovely Sam has been given, but he makes an excellent new addition to the star-studded cast of what will be one of the most hilarious films of 2015. We can’t wait to see our Tongues shine in this blockbuster!          

Sam Hazeldine

Mark Strong and Sam Hazeldine gearing up for 'Grimsby'
Mark Strong
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