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Upstairs Downstairs and Hermione Gulliford

Friday 2nd March 2012

Sunday evenings are fabulous and have been made even more so by the wonderful series Upstairs Downstairs on BBC1.  This drama follows the lives of Hallam Holland and his beautiful wife, Lady Agnes and all the shenanigans both upstairs with the upper crust of society and downstairs with the hoi polloi and the staff of their home in Eaton Place.  And this Sunday our very own Hermione Gulliford is going to be part of the unfolding drama as Lady Agnes' friend, Lavinia Godfrey.  Lady Agnes persuades Lavinia to become involved in the Woman's League of Health and Beauty.  Sounds rather fun so now there is even more incentive to watch Upstairs Downstairs.  And maybe you should answer this question honestly - would you be upstairs or downstairs?!

If you can't wait til Sunday have a look at the BBC link for all things Upstairs Downstairs.

Upstairs Downstairs is on Sunday at 9pm on BBC1

Upstairs Downstairs and Hermione Gulliford
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