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Glyn our English manager

Friday 20th June 2014

So it seems that the only victory we are going to see for England this World Cup is the one on stage at the Bristol Old Vic. Our lovely Tongue, GLYN GRIMSTEAD has recently started performing in the wonderful, family-friendly stage production, ‘World Cup Final 1966’. The play, which was first seen in 2004, has been rewritten and is an extremely energetic and nostalgic account of the 1966 hallmark in English football-history: England’s defeat of Germany in the World Cup Championship of 1966.

For many of us, football is something of a foreign language, but Glyn has reassured some of us ‘football newbies’ here at Another Tongue, that a sound-knowledge of the elusive off-side rule is far from necessary to enjoy the play. This is a fact made clear from the glowing reviews and happy responses amongst a broad spectrum of people in the audience. This is likely a result of the fun-loving nature of the play with its hilarious choreographed dance-offs and its interactive element – drawing members of the audience into goal for example!

In this great 11-man acting squad - depicting and celebrating some of England’s football icons (unintentionally it seems, putting our current team to shame) - the lovely Glyn Grimstead plays the England manager Alf Ramsey, who determinedly vows to bring England victory after their debacle in Brazil, 1950, when faced with the US. It certainly appears that England’s football team have come full circle since 1950!

The great thing about this performance is that it is more than enough to refuel our dwindling patriotism after our recent performance in Brazil, so make sure to join the cast – whether that be on the bench or being whipped into shape by our manager Glyn on the pitch itself, if you are lucky enough to get recruited! Tickets are available now from the Bristol Old Vic website. It really is a treat of a night, and we here at Another Tongue heartily agree with the Telegraph’s glowing review: ‘It’s pure magic. All we need is for a bit of that in Brazil.’

Glyn our English manager
The perfect England team!
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