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David Morrissey and Ian Hart in 'The Driver'

Friday 27th June 2014

DAVID MORRISSEY will be starring in the new BBC One drama, ‘The Driver’. This is a three-part series that follows the life of an ordinary taxi driver, Vince McKee (our very own Tongue) - a life which is quickly turned inside out after he accepts a job driving around a criminal gang. Such extreme circumstances have an inevitable impact on Vince’s life, whether this be a catalyst for his degenerative cycle or a moment of ‘second-chance’ redemption. Either way, it is clear that ‘The Driver’ is going to be both a fast-paced drama but also one which at its core is an emotional study of a single human experience.
The show has an amazing team behind it, being co-written by BAFTA award-winning writer, Danny Brocklehurst who recently in an interview spoke of his excitement to work with Dave Morrissey, who he holds in his esteem as being “one of the UK’s finest actors”. The cast also includes our lovely IAN HART who worked with Morrissey in a ground-breaking television serial ‘One Summer’, making this a tight-knit group of collaborating artists. This is also the first series that Dave Morrissey will be putting on with his own production company, Highfield Pictures (alongside RED Production Company, on set in Manchester), making this a very exciting series for us proud supporters of David Morrissey.

Filming, for what is surely going to be a very powerful series, has already been wrapped up: make sure to catch a glimpse of what is to come in BBC One’s trailer for all of its upcoming shows. We here at Another Tongue are in eager anticipation for this show to grace our screens later this year!

David Morrissey and Ian Hart in 'The Driver'
David Morrissey in his cab
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