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Andy is a 'Bone in the Throat'

Friday 27th June 2014

ANDY NYMAN recently wrapped up filming on set of Graham Henman’s adaptation of the Anthony Bourdain dark thriller ‘Bone in the Throat’. If the fast paced plot of this upcoming film isn’t enough to set the pulses racing, the star studded cast certainly will.

Andy, who plays the degenerate thug Ronnie the Rug, is opposite Ed Westwick, who is playing Bourdain’s protagonist Tommy – a budding chef who is unwillingly drawn into a high stakes mobster world by the ‘bone in his throat’ that is his uncle Ronnie – our very own (actually very lovely) Andy Nyman.

This macabre and aggressive world which is hidden behind the guise of a glamorous family kitchen will be coming to the big screen next year. If like us at Another Tongue however, you are impatient to see how Tommy manages the heat in the kitchen as well as that of Andy’s mobster world, read more about it on IMDb.

Andy is a 'Bone in the Throat'
Andy Nyman on set
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