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The gentlemen is the hottest series on Netflix right now...

with a brilliant storyline and an amazing cast. We're lucky to have five of our amazing people in this series

If you havent watched The Gentlemen yet then you need to grab a take-away, put your phone on silent and settle in to enoy the roller-coaster of a series that our boys have helped make a masterpeice for 2024.













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Check out the fourth season of True Detective

Starring Fiona Shaw as Rose Aguineau, Night Country is set to premiere on January 14th 2024 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. Set in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska, it follows the investigation behind the disappearance of eight men from a research station.

With amazing ratings from both critics and audiences for the past three seasons, it looks like True Detective: Night Country could be a frosty variation that's guaranteed to chill you to the bone!

Learn more about True Detective here


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Join Angela Griffin as Kim Campbell, Head Teacher...

as we welcome back Waterloo Road for an incredible 13th series!

Commencing on the 2nd January 2024 there are some amazing storylines that tackle the most sensitive and thought provoking issues facing a lot of children, teachers and parents involved in education today.


One thing is for sure Waterloo Road is heading into another term of lessons to be learnt for everyone!










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The legend that is Max Beesley is in back in town. 
This is your opportunity to MAXimise the potential of your campaign with the distinctive voice of the actor from such productions as The Gentlemen, Hijack, Jamestown, Homeland, Suits and many more.
Speak to us about booking him now, as our boy Max is going to be hotter than a door knocker on the gates of hell!
Find out more about Max here







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There is great versatility in Nick Preston when the cuffs are off!

From the Innocent days of Ladhood to smashing it in This Is England. Nick is one artist you need to be looking out for!

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Great having the legendary Jason Donovan in the studios.

He was in laying down some incredible audio. Let's be Frank you'll go no Furter to find a better musical star (no guessing what this pun is in reference to, if you've been lucky to catch him in this smash musical hit!)












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Finding the right voiceover leave you in a dreamland?

Then you need the amazing Freema Agyeman and Frances Barber.

Watch these wonderful actors in the British comedy Dreamland on Sky Atlantic

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The amazing Mark Strong.

Another of our fantastic artists, and one with an instantly recognisable voice.

Its no mystery he’s so sought after and that he adds magic to every project he works on!

Check him out in this great video and get in touch with us about his current availability for your projects.

More about Mark here

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Finding the right voice can be scary.

It’s like the devilshour when you're up against it, or seeing a code404 on your computer when you need it the most. But dont worry, We make finding the right voice easy.

Relax down at the Abbey and enjoy a bit of ladhood with all the time we can save you.

Here are four fab artists who could be just what you need!

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Check out these multi-talented artists!

Watch Craig Kelly, James Thornton, Tom Andrews, Donna Preston, Daisy Beaumont and James Cartwright as they give these promos that extra touch and cook up a tasty clip-feast between them.

They have to be demolition experts because these clips are DY-NO-MITE!


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